About Goofy Products, Inc.

Goofy Products, Inc. (GPI) is a relatively young company of 4 years old. It was established by long time successful Oregon business owners, G. Scott and Kare Miller. The Millers want to introduce the rest of the world to the simple, easy to use organizational products they have developed and used for decades. The company mantra is Simple Simple Simple. These are products that actually work and are easily understood by anyone. All of our products are conceived, designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA. And G. Scott insists that they be offered in non-plastic packaging. The Original Aunt Wanda was our first product and we now have Little Bob available for organizing your smaller cords (think cell phone chargers or any small low voltage device). The next two items in the pipeline are The Big Gert for your larger tool or equipment cords (think Skil saws, reciprocating saws, vacuums) and then our line of Goofy Loops for those larger and longer extension cords and air hoses.

Working With the Community

We are proud to be working with PHC Northwest. They provide us with the best product fulfillment service that we could ever ask for. And their organization provides employment for citizens with disabilities and challenges. PHC Northwest has provided nearly 60 years of broad-based educational, training and job opportunities (with full union benefits) for thousands of people with developmental, physical and mental disabilities. As a dynamic and forward-thinking industry leader, PHCNW's diversified business lines have allowed it to help employees develop the technical skills required to earn living wages in a variety of occupations, thus empowering them to pay taxes, raise families and live independently. PHCNW's influence extends into the general community through provision of affordable housing programs and environmental stewardship in the form of developing and hosting the largest contiguous solar energy array in the Pacific Northwest region. We encourage you to learn more about their efforts. www.phcnw.com

Our products are simple, durable, and they work!
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