Ideas & Uses

Use Aunt Wanda and Little Bob to organize or store all your household cords; stereo, entertainment center, lamp cords, kitchen appliance cords, computers, chargers, tool cords; and many more! Once you start using our cord organizers around your home and business, you'll discover more of your own creative uses for them!

AUNT WANDA ideas and uses

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Aunt Wandas keep all the computer connections identifiable
Neatly organized lamp cord, even with oversized plug-in
Greatly reduce cord clutter in the kitchen
Keeps clothes iron cord gathered up on the shelf
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Aunt Wandas keep all the computer connections identifiable

Contain cord neatly behind counter top appliances
Stores music cables and sound cords
Organize cords in camera bags and tool cases
One Aunt Wanda organizes toaster oven and coffee maker
Stores the test leads for an electronic multi-tester
Stores just the right length of blow dryer cord
Makes garage door operator cord the right length to reach the outlet, keeps it up and out of the way
Keep the cords for your tool chargers nicely contained, even in the tool case
Lamp cords become just the right length to reach the outlet
Power equipment cord in a workshop gathered up and kept safely out of the way
Aunt Wandas prevent a massive cord tangle at a multiple battery charging station
Multiple extension cords in a lighting contractors storage bins stay completely tangle free
Although I'm not a snow golfer, it seems to me that Aunt Wanda might make a perfect snow golf tee, if rules allow.
LITTLE BOB ideas and uses
Little Bob keeps phone charger cords off the counter top
If you have a short length of electrical cord, use a Little Bob instead of Aunt Wanda
Organizes smaller cords like these test leads
Little Bob takes up any excess length in your phone charging cord and gives you the exact length you want
Little Bob organizes short lengths of lamp cord and fits in smaller spaces
Keep charger and other small cords organized in your bike bag, camera bag or suitcase
Desktop computer cords are contained and easy to store and handle with Little Bob
Use Little Bobs to organize laces, string, ties and straps for travel and recreation
• Kitchen Appliances
• Stored Appliances
• Lamp Cords
• Extension Cords
• Audio and TV Wiring
• Camera Bag/Charging Units
• Blow Dryer
• Curling Iron
• Clothes Iron
• Vacuum Cleaner
• Shop or Garage Tools
• Small Household Extension Cords
• Garage Door Operating Units
• Telephone/Communication Cords
• Computer Cords
• Charging Units
• Power Tools
and many more...