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The Original Aunt Wanda is a very popular item and demand for variations on the theme has kept us busy with new product designs. It is available in either a 3-pak or a 12-pak. Our loyal customers are now having their comments and suggestions come true with a product similar to Aunt Wanda, but designed for smaller cords - Little Bob! We're delighted to announce that Little Bob is now available from Amazon.com in both 6-paks and 12-paks.

Goofy products: Aunt Wanda 3-packs and 12-packs. Little Bob 6-packs and 12-packs.
Picture of an Aunt Wanda with a black cord neatly wrapped up inside

The Original Aunt Wanda™

At 4.5 inches by 1.75 inches, Aunt Wanda is sized to organize standard appliance cords. Injection molded from a durable, yet flexible polymer which provides just the right amount of grip to hold the cord, while allowing you to reconfigure your cord at anytime. Once you start using Aunt Wandas, you'll wonder how you got along without them! And, people are continuing to discover new uses for Aunt Wanda; cord storage, storage for small hoses, ropes or cables; the list is endless for what you might find Aunt Wandas useful. See Ideas & Uses

Diagram of three photos showing hands gathering a cord into a skien and then sliding an Aunt Wanda over the gathered cord to neatly hold it

Little Bob™ Now Available!

Picture of Little Bob with a phone charger cord neatly organized

Little Bob™ is just a smaller version of Aunt Wanda intended for organizing the smaller cords in your world; i.e. on cell phone chargers, smaller computer cords such as USB or Firewire connections, iPod connections and countless other small cords that need taming! Little Bob measures 2.5 x 1 inch.

Big Gert™ In development

For larger cords like those found on circular saws and other tools, Big Gert will provide a larger diameter and greater capacity. And in addition to organizing larger cords, Big Gert may be used to gather up longer length cords of smaller sizes. And it makes a great storage organizer for musicians cables, hoses, ropes and just about anything that needs to be kept together and tangle free.

Goofy Loop™ In development

25 to 100 foot electrical cords need special care and handling as anyone who works with these cords on a regular basis will tell you. There are many solutions on the market for organizing these larger cords, but none as simple, elegant and useful as the Goofy Loop. We've used a simple prototype of this product for years and it is far and away the best solution we've ever seen for keeping your cords organized, tangle free, ready to hang up to store, and protected from kinks and bends. And it will without question extend the life of your cords. Rolling up, hanging it up for neat & tidy storage, and rolling it back out becomes a snap. You'll find the Goofy Loop useful for so much more; hoses, rope, sound cables, flexible plumbing, and wire – and it can even be used to store straight stock and small lumber and moulding. We are developing five different sizes of Goofy Loop to organize 25 to 100 foot cords, including the heavier gauges such as 10/3.